Its finally here!

Greetings fellow SL lovers! Finally after all the work of getting up the blog I finally put out my first true blog.

Today we talk about the power of raising money for Cancer in Second Life. There are many different ways but lets face it, it is a good cause no matter how you slice it. I first came across Goreans for Life. Love or hate the world of Gor, you cannot deny they are doing a good thing by raising the money. On the 12th there was a parade with floats from the various sims and a good time was had by all. The next event I herd about was the Gorean Fashion Festival 2011, which was held March 18th to March 20th. They dedicated an entire sim for events and a fashion show! The show was lagged out and crowded but there were so many different fashions and designers who came out. Booths were set out around the sims from the various designers with their creations for the event which you could buy. The lindens from the vendors went completely to RFL. The jist? A good time for all!

Now, for some of the fashions! I came across this gem in the Fantasia Clothier Booth in gray. I loved it SO much I just had to have it in blue! So, in my infinite wisdom, I tracked down the Fantasia Clothier blog and found the new dress could be found on one of the nine Fashion for Life sims! Which, by the way, today is the last day for that so hurry down to the Fashion for Life sim. Anyway, heres the look:

Skin: Laqroki Dina 2 [Fair] Glow Skin (Hairbase)
Hair: [e] Details – Brown 10 ([elikatira] )
Shape and Hairbase: My own creation (Liliana Aluveaux made)
Eyes: Sensitive_eyes_7_by_Nany_Merlin
Eyeshadow: L.Fauna Smokey Cat-Shadow [Blue/Black]
Shoes: ::ChiNeko:: Flats
Headpiece: *~*Illusions*~*Elessia Headpiece: Copy
Dress and Poncho(set): ~*Fantasia*~ Ebb-Blue



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