Mystara and its wonders

Greetings fellow SL lovers! I’ve been having a blast with making this blog and I am pretty proud of what I’ve done so far.

So. My first quest. How do you capture the wonders of Mystara? For those who do not know, Mystara is a fantasy roleplay sim where elves, fae, merfolk, dragons, demons, werewolves, humans, etc… can get together and create some roleplay in a medieval looking setting. The sim easily has 40 roleplayers at all times. But be careful…with that many people there is bound to be lag. But hey, its very worth it! The line length of posts goes from one line to para easily. There is something for every kind of roleplayer here! When I can get a chance to roleplay, this is one of the places I visit.

Wandering around a bit, I soon found a little pond and quickly began snapping a few shots in what I like to think of sorceress garb. A little bit a peace by the side of the water, eyes closed to my thoughts.

Some locations made it so I did not even need to photoshop and still look like I did!

Skin: Skin: Laqroki Dina 2 [Fair] Glow Skin (Hairbase)
Eyeshadow: L.Fauna Smokey Cat-Shadow [Red]
Hair: Hair: [e] Details – Brown 10 ([elikatira] )
Outfit: Chaospire” Venusian” Fantasy Outfit (Red)
Head Accessory: Kouse Singh – Fiona – Circlet – Gold (Pearl)
Eyes: Sensitive_eyes_7_by_Nany_Merlin

Then, I fell down into the little pond which seemed a wee bit deeper than originally thought. All the sudden, I was surrounded by the most beautiful aquatic plantlife! I just had to change into a mermaid to show you!

Skin: ***Chaisuki*** ELISE iridescent-purple02 cream-vanille (cream hb-bb used here)
Hair: Boudoir Irena Black Tentacles!
Shape/Hairbase: My own creation (Liliana created)
Eyes: Sensitive_eyes_7_by_Nany_Merlin
Mermaid Tail: Street Dermatology: SPLASH Mermaid Atlantis Set
Scales: Akila’s Mermaid Scales Set

… and then there idea was born. I’ve never been a drow in roleplay before and here I sure had the opportunity. What you think?

Skin/Ears: :[P]:-Lionheart-Elven –Angst-Bare
Hair: A&A Romina 11
Shape: My own creation (Liliana created)
Hairbase: 6 Tintable Hair Bases by Caverna Obscura (White Hairbase Tattoo, colored to match hair)
Eyes: <<>> Lunar EYES dark – Ultraviolet
Dress: Caverna Obscura Drow Sorceress Outfit
Boots: Caverba Obscura Confessor Boots (Part of the Confessor set)

Last but not least, came the human choice. Even though many people choose to roleplay as a being with supernatural ability, you still get your cool roleplayers who beat to their own drum.

Skin: Bella Di Notte Charli /Natural/ M03 (db)
Shape/Hairbase: My own creation (Liliana created)
Eyeshadow: Bella Di Notte Eyeliner: Cat Full
Hair: Cake – Lull – Coffee – Flexi Hair
Eyes: .ID. Shine Eyes – Dark Brown
Boots: Kao Sands – Suede Fringe Boots/ash
Dress: ~L&S~Soubrette Medieval Gown

Thanks Mystara for the fun and beautiful scenery! By the way, I herd the owners are going to expand! Expect an additional sim docked to the original in the next coming weeks.

Happy Roleplaying!


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