Friday is the start 1900s

Greetings fellow sl lovers!

I LOVE shopping. Seriously, I should be banned from any sort of shopping stores for I will just go in and buy like thirty things at a shot.

Anyway, in my shopping binge I stopped by Ivalde. Checking out the various rooms which covered the decades, I got thinking. Why not go through the decades in fashion? So here we go. Our first stop on the fashion ride is 1900 – 1919 (Edwardian). The fashion is so similar that I just lumped it into one. Forgive me any historians out there who do not feel that is the case.

close up of the hat anyone?

Dress:Ivalde Maud purple dress (From Edwardian Room)
Hat:(The hat was seriously modded) [EH] Derby Hat – Silver Screen (Ever Halostar)
Shoes:…Arena.Victorian bootie brown
Hair: Jerusha – Coffee Brown by Cornelia Rothschild

Happy shopping!


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