Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
Yes, tis I. Liliana your absent blogger! Too many months have gone by. My RL had gotten so busy that I was rarely online say nothing of being able to blog. But thankfully, the cluster of busy has faded a bit and I got a great chance to get blogging again. I stopped the Decades of Fashion posts, which, I will be picking up again. I should be resuming (and concluding) that series starting mid week sometime. So, be keeping an eye out for it. As for other projects, I have a few lined up as well as some location posts on where I am rping these days.
Also, pending the makers of Firestorm with a new viewer release, I’ll be able to start delving into the new and exciting world of mesh. So far the test viewers have lagged me to death so here is crossing my fingers that the official release will be stable.
So be keeping an eye out all week for new posts and general fun updating!
Happy fashion!


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