Twisted Color Challenge – Week 11 – Crucible’s Pom

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
Wow, what a week. The Arcade, Whore Couture Fair, and Fashion for Life opened during this week. Crazy stuff! Now, I sparingly bought but what I bought I just adore. Don’t worry, sometime this week I’ll get onto what I bought. So… as you know from my previous post, this week’s color was Crucible’s Pom. Interesting color. I had an easier time with this one.

Crucible’s Pom

and here is what I did with it:

Crucible's Pom week 11


Crucible's Pom week 11 b

Skin: Belleza Shyla Pale
Hair: Truth Hair Video Games Brown
Hair Addition: Truth Hair Video Games Roses Orange
Shirt: Fashionably Dead Hang Loose T Stripes Gray + Pink
Jeans: Maitreya Mesh Skinny Zipper Pastel Coral
Flats: Haut Mode Maizi Flats Gray

As for next week? Next week’s color is:

Hemingway in the Sienna

… bring it on!

Happy Shopping!


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