Fantasy Faire 2013!

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
The best event in SL started this weekend. Fantasy Faire 5. Fantasy Faire is an insanely awesome shopping event for fantasy roleplayers, enthusiasts, etc. The designers put out such awesome works and they also have a few works that you can buy in their RFL kiosk to support finding a cure for Cancer! Now, that is the best reason ever to go. Now unlike some events, the Faire is spread out on a whole bunch of sims, which, I will list for you and URLs so you can direct tp. In italics, I will be copying and pasting what shops are where from the faire website.

Fairelands Junction – Holds all the tps and has various events. A must see.

Crimson Fields – Beautiful gothic feel to it, paying homage to Stephen King’s Dark Tower book.

Sim Sponsor:
[A] T R I D E N T Laufey Markstein

Featured Creator Stores:
[B] lassitude & ennui Jackal Ennui
[C] [ContraptioN] Faust Steamer
[D] Satyrs Moon Vasa Vella
[E] FallnAngel Creations Azriel Demain
[F] meadowWorks Garvie Garzo
[G] Unzipped Destany Laval

Themed Stores:
[H] The Muses Nephilaine Protagonist
[I] Vengeful Threads Vixn Dagger
[J] Psst…Here Kitty, Kitty Kitaria Valeeva
[K] Kishi Creations Kishi Kattun
[L] ImpWerks Imp Trollop
[M] – NaLa – Fashion Buildings Nanook Lavendel
[N] MysticHope Design Kira Lavendel
[O] TempT Lakira Ratelle
[P] The Elegant Goth Deja Letov
[Q] De La Soul Lerochelle Destiny

Evensong Woods – Very elvish looking.
Sim Sponsor:
[A] Roawenwood Searlait Nitschke

Featured Creator Stores:
[B] Boudoir Precious Restless
[C] ~*Star Kindler Designs*~ Elbereth Nightfire
[D] Illusions Siyu Suen
[E] The Plastik Aikea Rieko
[F] Mindgardens Creations Bonny Greenwood
[G] ThatChick Anastasia Domenici

Themed Stores:
[H] Swings Paradise Furnitures Margaret Heliosense
[I] Unique Obsession Tremayne Barbosa & Lunaria Eclipse
[J] Sinful Needs Galathir Darkstone
[K] BlueMoon Enterprise SolasNaGealai
[L] {Lemon Tea} Sei Minuet
[M] An Lema AelKennyr Rhiano
[N] EagleHeart Designs BelenosStormchaser Magic
[O] ~Sa-eela~ Nenya Eun
[P] ~ Mystic Sky ~ Skyler John
[Q] .:EMO-tions:. Mirja Mills

Lotus Valley Dream – Oriental themed.
Sim Sponsor:
[A] The Looking Glass Marcus Inkpen & Sharni Azalee

Featured Creator Stores:
[B] Hoof It! Erin Talamasca
[C] Quest for the Golden Prim Saffia Widdershins
[D] ezura Xue Ezura Xue
[E] FALCONROSE Rosslyn Guardian
[F] Raven’s Heart Thane Woodford
[G] Demons & Angels Piper Shan

Themed Stores:
[H] SAKIDE Kinu Mayako
[H] Pin Me Down Shyntae Demonista
[I] Caverna Obscura Elvina Ewing
[J] Kouse’s Sanctum Kouse Singh
[K] Affinity Boutique Caroline Winslet
[L] Ari’s Neko Retreat Arianna Voltaire
[M] NAMINOKE taiko McCaw
[N] 2Xtreme tunes Meness
[O] Star Journey Starman Heron
[P] Flecha Creations Flecha Warwillow
[Q] TRU Textures LillyBeth Filth

Lumenaria – “A beacon of hope”
Sim Sponsor:
[A] Solarium rynn Verwood

Featured Creator Stores:
[B] Dwarfins Judy Chestnut
[C] Garden of Dreams Kayle Matzerath
[D] Kittycat’s Creations Kittycat Ninetails
[E] ND/MD Skins & Shapes Alea Lamont
[F] Mythos Karalia Halostar
[G] Pyewicket’s Myths Pyewicket Tiger

Themed Stores:
[H] Old World Katrina Kristan
[I] Oran Inish karu
[J] *~ Dream Things ~* Pia Uladstron
[K] Panda Express Kioko Kumaki
[L] Luas AinaraLuas resident
[M] Quixote’s Dream Ceri Quixote
[N] ~The Library~ Dreamfantasia Nightfire
[O] ::{Elysium}:: Ophelia Dayafter
[P] 22769 Paco Pooley
[Q] Bare Rose June Dion
[S] Meeroos Levio Serenity

Magnificat – Celebrate life.
Sim Sponsor:
[A] Fallen Gods Inc. Alia Baroque

Featured Creator Stores:
[B] Evie’s Closet Evangeline Miles
[C] Lilith’s Den Alrunia Ahn
[D] Living the FantaSea Corkie Houston
[E] MacMoragh & Muse AineMari Flanagan & Fenn MacMoragh
[F] House of Rfyre Raven Pennyfeather
[G] Wasabi Pills MissAllSunday Lemon

Themed Stores:
[H] Frippery Elizabeth Tinsley
[H] Balderdash – Bagatelle and Trinketry Saiyge Lotus
[I] Ankle Biter Yuna Yuadl
[J] Yabusaka Yabusaka Loon
[K] Musa Filomena Quinnell
[L] Skinthesis Cane Sutter
[M] Sax Shepherd Designs Sax Shepherd
[N] Decadent Courtesan vanyi resident
[O] Heartistic HeartDrainer Resident
[P] Gwen’s Hearth Gwynhwyfar Resident
[Q] forest feast mikatsuki matova

Ravenshard – Get down get funky!
Sim Sponsor:
[A] Epic Toy Factory Mayah Parx

Featured Creator Stores:
[B] F*cking Ninjas Doll Galthie
[C] Epic Jade Winthorpe
[D] United InshCon Eldowyn Inshan
[E] FuubutsuDou! Nya Alchemi
[E] kisetsu Nix Marabana
[F] Bentham Manor Lauren Bentham
[F] Fae Fantasy Creations Tamrielle Halderman
[G] Simply Fae Boaz Sands

Themed Stores:
[H] Lupoaica Meka Aeon
[I] Almost Wonderland Almostwonderland Resident
[J] Grim Bros. Cutea Benelli
[K] Stuff Xavian Made Xavian Starsider
[M] Madpea Productions Kiana Writer
[N] .:CoLLisions:. Guenevere DeCuir
[O] ~SWAN~ Cyneswith Luik
[P] Feyline Fashions FeydaAnn Ferryhill
[Q] [europa] Kazuhiro Aridian

The Dragonspire – Drow/Orc/Dragon coolness look.
Sim Sponsor:
[A] The Arcanum Zachh Barkley

Featured Creator Stores:
[B] Dark Goddess Designs Alesandra Markova
[C] Curious Kitties Ameshin Yossarian
[D] Favourite Genes Violette Larkham
[E] Black Veil Outfitters Nikita Schapire & Alistair Scarmon
[F] The Golden Thorn Thorn Witrial
[G] ~Refined Wild~ Khyle Sion

Themed Stores:
[H] Niekra’s Dreams Niekra Torvalar
[I] Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions Tayren Theas
[J] Wilds of Organica Aki Shichiroji
[K] Elvenbreath Selina Forder
[L] Sparkle Skye Designs Sparkle Skye
[M] Dysfunctional Designs Anke Hatchuk
[N] *.:!Completely oBVious!:.* Baldur Darwatch & Vital Tigerpaw
[O] Talevin’s Designs Talevin Whelan
[P] Whatz Titania Halasy
[Q] Analog Dog Hair queue marlowe

Titan’s Hollow – Of Gods and Goddesses.
Sim Sponsor:
[A] Cerridwen’s Cauldron Elicio Ember

Feature Creator Stores:
[B] FATEwear Damien Fate
[C] Dragon Magick Wares Dragonia DeCuir
[D] L’Uomo Miro Collas
[E] Spyralle Kerryth Tarantal
[F] Mermaid Treasure & Boutique Theta Marseille

Themed Stores:
[H] Dreamscaped Designs Dreamscaped Dagger
[I] Sterling Artistry Silverr Andel
[J] [Gauze] Yukio Ida
[K] [][]Trap[][] Selos Dae
[L] [ni.Ju] Vitani Jun
[M] Arx Loricatus Dogma Trevellion
[N] AZE Jewelry Designs Amilia Zabaleta
[O] Bliensen + MaiTai Plurabelle Laszlo
[P] Southpaw Phedre Rossini
[Q] yo bailo yuuki Solo

The Valley of Ishnar – Key of Hope Hunt Make sure you do the hunt. It is something to be remembered.

So Liliana, don’t you think you’ve crammed enough into this post?
Certainly not! But alas, there will be more posts to follow about this!


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