Twisted Color Challenge – Week 18 – Pine’s Dawn

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
Wow, this week has just been a blast! Last time I checked the Fantasy Faire raised around 6 million lindens! That is a record! I am so proud of all you who came out and donated. There is no greater cause than to save a life! Let’s hope we can kick Cancer’s butt this year!

Now since the Faire will be ending tomorrow, life will return to normalcy. That means another addition of the Twisted Color Challenge! Today’s color combo is:

Pine’s Dawn

Or how I like to refer to it… crazy green week. Yes, green is known to be the color I just hate. I like/wear green eyes but that is about it. Not to mention for some reason my pictures are just coming out like a butt today! The edges are all jagged and anti aliasing doesn’t seem to wanna work. I swear. With the new baking update I can actually put my graphics on ultra but I lose some quality I got before. Grr. Anyway, I found this dress that made green not such a bad thing. I ACTUALLY like the green in this dress.


Anyway, I know the picture quality is lacking but bear with me. I’ll get my setting perfect again!

Hair: Exile – Secret Summer
Skin: Belleza – Shyla
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky – November Night
Eye make up: Musa (yes, the Fantasy Faire crept into this post too…) – Elegant
Lipstick: Tuli – Elusive Lips
Dress: DCNY – Boho Baby Dress
Boots: Ingenue – Jude Boot

Next Week?
Morning Glory

EDIT: Here is a fixed picture. SL finally played ball with me.

How exciting I cannot wait!

Til next time!
Liliana Aluveaux


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