30 Posts 30 Days – Day 21 Make Up

I am so sorry guys! I had a small family emergency and just had no time to blog. Anyway… to make it up I am gonna do a blog for yesterday today and also one for today in a bit. But first… more blogging goodness from Under the Sea Expo!

Mermaid redone
This hair is Fire to the Rain from Exile… an old Fameshed style. It can be found in Exile.
Mermaid redone
Bring on the dancing horses necklace in rose quartz is from House of Rain
Blind Eyes in Science, Naga eye makeup in gruesome gold, Siren Lipstick in flame … all from Beautiful Freak Cosmetics
L’Attitude (fins and scales) is from FantaSea
Starfish top is from LunaSea (The FantaSea outfit does not include a modesty top… FYI)

Mermaid redone
Coral Mer Perch Tall from meadowWorks
Fish Shoal Blue Surgeons is from meadowWorks
Undersea FX Seabed Sanctuary is from meadowWorks


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