30 Posts 30 Days – Day 24

Greetings SL Lovers!
Wow… we are coming into the home stretch with the 30 Posts 30 Days Challenge! Check out what I did today.

Yeah… I never thought I’d do it but I have bitten the bullet and dove headfirst into SL animal breeding. There are so many different breeding programs out and I chose BioBreeds. In my opinion, they look the nicest. Once again… in my opinion. That doesn’t mean someone else might like other breedables. But for me… I like BioBreed’s aesthetic. Simply put… there are a crazy amount of traits that you can breed for. You can even breed regular ponies with exotic ponies. I already know once my first breeding experiment happens I wanna do that.

Meet my ponies!

Milah (Left) Noah (Right)
Milah (Left) Noah (Right)



Wish me luck!
Liliana Aluveaux

Hair: Exile – Hold on Loosely in Dark Browns (Swiss)
Shirt: Erratic – Cary in Double Stamps Scarlett
Shorts: Decoy – Caleigh Shorts m* in Dirty
Boots: Mon Tissu – Heathrow Boots in Chocolat


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