30 Posts 30 Days – Day 30

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
I know I posted already but I really wanted to give this it’s own post. Whew! I cannot believe I finished the challenge! What a crazy ride it has been. I’ve done some make ups, struggled to post on time, and posted way too much. But all and all… I am proud of myself. I told myself that by signing up for this I was gonna complete it. I never complete anything!

When I did my first post for the challenge, I mentioned that many posts would be crazy and some would have fashion. I totally hit the nail on the head for that. I had one post where I posted a funny parody which had nothing to do with SL. Another, I covered the Under the Sea Expo. Another time I talked about breedables. No matter what I posted… it was fun.

I am gonna be so sad now that the challenge is over. I’ve had so much fun! But don’t fret! I still have much of the Twisted Color Challenge to do and also… I want to give updates on my BioBreeds. So please… keep interested and stay tuned!

On a final thought, it just felt right to post a final picture for the challenge in the place where I took my first picture. Enjoy!

Liliana Aluveaux


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