Twisted Color Challenge – Week 27 – Cabbage Patch Forest

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!

Welcome to another week of the Twisted Color Challenge! This week’s color scheme was Cabbage Patch Forest

My look:
If you notice I NEVER wear short hair. I cannot stand having long hair (weight of it) in RL but still think it is pretty. Thankfully in SL, long hair doesn’t bother your avatar. Anyway, I went out of my comfort zone and picked this adorable short hair from Exile. Glory to be exact. I stayed in my favorite dark browns too. Now for my dress. This cutie is from e! and it is the Lilly dress in emerald. I just love how it faded into the second color in the picture we had to work with. Shoes from IngenueLydia Slingbacks in Tang. Maxi Gossamer finished the look with a Raisa Drop Necklace that I wore in purple.

Next week’s color combo is Poppies Sky


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