Monday Post… ooh aaah shiny!

Haha Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
Oh gosh check me out! I am posting on a Monday! How exciting. Anyway, if you have been checking the BioBreeds group in world, then you would know I am on an insane search for a special coat on my Exotic Pony. The coat is called Tiger Lavender. I am so obsessed with purple and just want it. While I wait for my starters to produce one… Hyp (a store owner in Camelot Ranch) IMed me. She had one for me! Oh and is he a beaut!

You know nothing Jon Snow
He just feels like a Jon Snow. After all… he is a special one. Maybe I’ll name my next Tiger Lavender coat Daenerys.

Anyway… I finally dipped my feet into the dog breeding scene. My first dog? Dalmatian of course!
This guys is named Jaime Lannister. Ok so apparently I have to name all my animals after Game of Thrones.

Don’t forget Brienne of Tarth.
I bet their offspring is gonna be interesting. Stay tuned!


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