AndrogyMe – Challenge Accepted

So I headed over to today and found this awesome challenge.

Just like I made my voice herd for Stand4Love, I believe people don’t necessarily have to follow gender dressing guidelines. Who cares if a man wants to dress like a woman. Or a woman dress like a man. Or either gender wants to dress androgynous. Some famous people in Hollywood don’t give a crap and they look fabulous. Anyway… my style is quite feminine and very form fitted. So… when I realized I was gonna have to skirt the line (heh) between male and female… I sorta panicked. I’ve never dressed so conservatively. Anyway… here is my take.


Thanks to Miel for cargo pants that look awesome! Bois of Freya for making a great shirt and CS design for the perfect converse sneakers. Oh! Also EEP for the hair.

So… how did I do? Let me know in the comments. Hate speech WILL be deleted.

Liliana Aluveaux


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