Behind the logout: Liliana Aluveaux (Monday Meme Challenge)

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
Ever wonder what Liliana Aluveaux does after her stylist logs off? Well… I snuck on an alt to find out!


I found her on the Baja Norte sim riding one of my BioBreeds ponies! Liliana loves purple so of course she chose the purplish one.

It turns out that while she loves being a model for me, when I log off she just enjoys horseback riding! Not to mention, she also prefers not to wear make up. Comfy clothes and barefoot for her!

Well I might just have to make her more comfy for a few pictures!

Want the look? Shop at Wasabi Pills, Pink Fuel, Erratic, Isil, SLink, and of course Biobreeds for a pony like this one.(Beware, you’ll have to breed yours in hopes of getting this color scheme)

Liliana Aluveaux (Maker/stylist)


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