Countdown to Halloween: 19 Days part 2

Welcome back, SL Lovers!
So we are back at Nance Clowes 7th Annual Haunted Sim & Mansion. We already explored the Bannons Vanisher ride and the Haunted Mansion Tribute ride. Next, we head to the Lucien Asylum.

Lucien Asylum –
Lucien Asylum
Welcome to a whole new bucket of crazy. I am very excited about this and I know you will be too. Ok. You want to go insane? You want to have a great time? Come to the Asylum. Click everything and explore it all. 5 Jack-o-lanterns out of 5.

Now for a personal favorite. Zombies!!!

Zombie Hunt – Okay. If you have ever been to a zombie killing area in Second Life you know that you have to get yourself prepared. You have to be so ready and must get your bravery. You are going up against the hordes of the undead who will want your brains. My strategy? Be undead lol. Zombie hunt
It’s time.
Grab the hud and weapon from the entrance. There is a spot for you to rez everything and get yourself all set up. Take off your ao for this. Who needs to walk pretty while killing things?
Now walk through the gates and get those zombies! *Less then 30 seconds later* Oh no… I died. Haha! I had a hard time but it was great!

Nance Clowes 7th Annual Haunted Sim & Mansion gets a 5 jack-o-lanterns out of 5. I was so impressed by this place and I know you will be too!

What the heck am I wearing:
Hair: Exile – Wild at Heart
Skin Tinter: from Cameo Gloom (I picked my own tinting color)
Zombie Tattoos: Eternal Darkness – Noseless Chewed nose, Zombie Attack gorey
Shirt: Necrotica – Ripped Tee in bloody
Skirt: Suicidal Unborn – Tutu Skirt in dirty green
Stockings: Rotten Toe – Moth Stockings in grey
Boots – DirtyLand – Rock Boots

Liliana Aluveaux


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