Countdown to Hallowen: 19 Days to Go!

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
You know what is a staple of Halloween? ZOMBIES!!! There are so many awesome movies out there scary and funny that you can watch. In Second Life and especially at most of the Halloween Attractions, you can be the star of your own zombie movie. Also a standard warning, this will be a long review of the location.

Where else can you fight zombies? Nance Clowes 7th Annual Haunted Sim & Mansion.
Nance, the creator, describes her sim as

7th Annual FULL SIM of haunting- rides, asylum, zombie fighting, spend a hour

I describe it as epic. Not one, not three, but 4 different attractions on sim to explore. There is the Bannons Vanisher, Lucien Asylum, Zombie Hunt, and the Haunted Mansion tribute ride. I am gonna split each section up and rate it. Then, I will rate the entire sim.

Bannons Vanisher – Snapshot
You chose the black wall with a door and head into the before ride area. I like purple so I really enjoyed this area. You rez a ride vehicle, sit, and you are moved into the ride. Also something to know… take off your ao for this ride and change your windlight settings to midnight for the duration of the ride.
Bannons Vanisher
The ride is very well done and you shall not be disappointed. I won’t give away the ending but you will enjoy it! I give this ride a 5 jack-o-lanterns out of 5. It is spooky and keeps you engaged.

The Haunted Mansion Tribute Ride – Haunted Mansion Tribute Ride
Now even though I haven’t seen the movie, I have been to the ride in Disney World. So… I am very excited to see how they made this. *Some time later after finishing the ride* Ok that was awesome! This is a very easy 5 jack-o-lanterns out of 5. Go see this ride.Haunted Mansion Tribute Ride

This place is so big and I am only half way done. Stay tuned for part 2!


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