Countdown to Halloween – 14 Days to Go!

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
I am very excited to feature this Halloween event.

The Cherry Hill Mines by Oceania Breedables!

The Cherry Hill Mines is a self guided hunt with a shopping area in the middle of town. There is so much to see and do. Oh my goodness… the jump scares are fantastic! Make sure you put on region windlight settings, de-script, sounds way up, and name tags off. I went during one of the Live Tour times and I was not disappointed. Everything just came alive and was too epic for words. I seriously recommend going during a live tour time and experiencing the scary!

Check for the live tour schedule!

I give Cherry Hill Mines a 5 jack-o-lanterns out of 5. This place is fantastic!

Liliana Aluveaux


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