Bikini Shopping… or not

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
Happy days after Thanksgiving and day after Black Friday! The holidays have been awesome. I am beyond filled with turkey and all the fixings. I hope everyone has had a nice holiday. Even if you are in a country that doesn’t celebrate, I hope your last few days have been nice.

Even with all the fun of the holidays, I cannot help but complain. Why the hell does it have to be so cold? I know I know… it is fall. Today it was 26 degrees. Does it really need to be that cold? When I step outside, I get hit with this blast of cold and all I can do is shiver. While I nowhere near have the money to travel… why should that stop Liliana? With an idea in my head, I roused her from cleaning up her skybox and got her ready.


Where to go? Somewhere tropical and most importantly NOT HERE. That means bikini shopping!

*Some time later*

Yeah. Send me for something easy like bikini shopping and you know what I end up with? A holiday outfit!
What! FaMESHed opened today and I just had to shop! I promise I’ll go on my SLacation!

These boots are from Mutresse at faMESHed. They come in awesome colors changeable by hud. Just a heads up, I tinted these boots because the black offered was a little light for me.

Dress is from hucci and hair from exile. Tights from Maitreya (not a slink addon). Jewelry from Maxi Gossamer of course!

Liliana Aluveaux


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