Its alive! Happy Rez Day!

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
Why yes, I am alive. I do apologize for the many month disappearance. I am however back and better than ever. I am beyond late with the last of the Twisted Color Challenge and the follow up post. You can look forward to them in the next coming days. Also, stay tuned for a Valentine’s Day post!

But… the topic I really want to hit today is my rez day. My rez day was December 2nd. How long have I been in Second Life you might ask? 6 years, 2 months, and some spare change. 2265 days. That is a lot of days. I’ve seen so many changes to Second Life and I am so ready for more!

My first rez day change? A new skin! I have gotten into the habit of wearing Pink Fuel skins. I personally like Harley. However, everyone needs a change. So I headed into the Skin Addiction group and asked around. After doing my usual ‘want a new skin check every store I can think of’ rounds, I found Essences. Now Essences is a smaller store but popping up in events and the like. In the most picky way possible, I decided on Opera in Peche. The skin is kinda plain by itself so I like wearing it with the Pink Fuel Harley lips in Vanilla and various eye makeups I find.

This is the new skin (Essences – Opera in Peche)

This is my old skin (Pink Fuel – Harley in Vanilla)

Don’t get me wrong, Pink Fuel is my skin. However, it is nice to change it up once in awhile. I can like two skin designers at a time… right?


Catch-up posts incoming!
Liliana Aluveaux


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