My Personal Black and White

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
I just love black and white photos. There is something about the shades of gray that really speak to you. Anyway, awhile back Strawberry Singh over at did a black and white challenge. I would have done a picture back then if I had a great concept. However, I now have.

You know the gap ads with the topless male and female models?
Well, I just love the style. But then again, any form of nakedness photos in black and white always look awesome.

While I like the single model black and white photos, my favorite photos are of a male and female model together. Since I needed a man to do the picture with, I decided to follow Strawberry Singh’s example and make my alt a man.

Introducing… Homme Aluveaux!

Couple Black and White

For the record, the only fixing of the picture is on my form. I blurred my hair a bit. On Homme Aluveaux, nothing has been retouched. Yes, the face does in fact look like that. Homme is wearing Labyrinth’s Freddy mesh head in medium. The jeans are from Lapointe and BastChild.

topless selfie up

I am also wearing jeans from Lapointe and BastChild. Those beautiful mesh breasts are from Puffy, which I just did a blog entry about.

Both black and white photographs are shades of gray but the other effects sure do change the feel of the photo. I hope you enjoy those photos as much as I did making them!

Liliana Aluveaux


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