Adventures in mesh heads – The Mesh Project

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
Why yes, I have joined the enhancement dark side. I bought a mesh head from The Shops. I chose the Classic head because it was my favorite out of the bunch and closer to me. As of right now (Pre Skin Fair), the only skin you can wear on it is their own skins. I chose Bambi in skin number 09. 09 I think is the closest looking tone The Shops has to matching my Essences Opera skin in Peche. However, you can get the skins in so many tones. It is possible that you might like a lighter and darker skin to go with your Essences skin in Peche tone.

The ONLY issue (for me anyway) is that the lips are rather thick. I generally like my lips thinner and more realistic. Just a fraction of a size smaller from top to bottom. But trust me, that is not gonna stop me from wearing this.

How does the head photograph? I usually photograph in the Annan Adored Optimal Skin (No Shadows) windlight.
Snapshot(Taken in 3am windlight)

Lol oh my gosh. I bought the Deluxe Head and when I was typing in chat, the mouth moved. I wasn’t expecting it and cracked up so much! The animation is not bad but not my favorite either. It is good enough.

Anyway, back to how the Classic Mesh Head from The Shops (Mesh Project) photographs.

Compared to my non mesh head.

So the verdict? I liked this head. You have to buy everything however. Skin, brows, eyes, and lips individually. I spent a small fortune to make it look how I liked. Someone on a budget might chose a different head or customize the head over a period of time. Also, I believe if you have bought skins in the past you can use them. The HUD will recognize it. I haven’t tried it though.

Want my look? Everything below was bought at TheSkinShop (in 09 tone)

Skin- Bambi (Fit)
Brows- Soft (Dark Brown)
Eyes- Reflect (Greens)
Eyeshadow- Moody (Sand)
Lipstick- Jetset (Soft Pinks)

So what is your opinion on mesh heads?


One thought on “Adventures in mesh heads – The Mesh Project

  1. Love them. And they are much more customisable than most people realise. Skin, hair, makeup, eye colour – there are so many variations that worrying about “looking like everyone else” has never been a concern. The comparison photo speaks for itself – your choice looks great on you.

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