So you want to go to the Skin Fair

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
Stay tuned for info on the Skin Fair. This is a long blog!

The Skin Fair OFFICIALLY starts on March 14. However, if you are in one of the groups who get special access to the event, you are allowed entry on the 13th. I won’t post the urls to the sims until tomorrow. As well as the maps.

Love mesh body parts? Well you are in luck. This is a current list of everyone offering appliers for heads, breasts, asses, hands/feet, etc. and those who aren’t. Those who are not offering appliers in their booth are just blank. But heads up, just because they are not offering appliers at the fair DOES NOT mean they don’t at their mainstores. Make sure to check out their store to be 100% sure!

For a quick guide on who is offering appliers for the SLink Visage and The Mesh Project heads…

SLink Visage:
Glam Affair
Wow Skins
Edit Modish
Edit Pointillage

The Mesh Project:
Pink Acid
The Mesh Project

The Full List of Appliers
Sim 1
fiore (vive 9) – SLink hands/feet, lolas, azz (Might be releasing her mesh head)
zibska –
::Bite&Claw:: – tango, loud mouth, baby bump, azz, slink hands
sYs – lolas/lush,, loud mouth, slink hands/feet
modish – SLink Visage
mystic creations – SLink hands/feet, azz, lolas
akeruka- lolas
tuli – Edit slink hands/feet, lolas
YS&YS- slink hands/feet, azz, lolas
mojo – lolas, slink hands/feet
*Baby Face* –, uLuckie Ghetto, lolas, slink hands/feet
Glam Affair – Slink Visage Head, loud mouth
PXL – SLink hands/feet, lolas
The Shape –
Chary – loud mouth
White Widow –
Apple May Designs –
House of Envy –, moud mouth, lolas, SLink
color me pretty –
JOLI – loud mouth,, baby bump, lolas, slink hands/feet
Dulce Secrets – slink hands/feet
no 7 –
Pointillage – Edit SLink Visage, slink hands/feet, loud mouth, lolas,
Nivaro –
Mimi’s Skins – lolas,
iren –
Ooh-la-licious – slink hands/feet, lolas,, brazilia, The Mesh Project
Zoul Creations – slink hands/feet,, lolas
clef de peau – slink, lolas,,
Jalwa – loud mouth, lola,, slink hands/feet, baby bump
Nu Clair Skin – slink hands/feet
loveme – loas, slink hands/feet,
yumyums- loudmouthm lolas,, slink
Pink Acid – The Mesh Project,
7 Deadly Skins –
Lumae – lolas, lush, slink hands/feet, baby bump,
RazzaNova –
Wow Skins – slink hands/feet,, lolas, SLink Visage
Blacklace Beauty –
* (00) * Yuki –
Amacci – lolas,, slink hands/feet

Sim 2
Glance Skins – lolas, slink,
The Addy Style –
Le Petite Morte – slink, baby bump, ghetto booty,
Birdy – slink hands/feet, lolas,
league –
Skin No. 14 – lolas
Aeros – slink
the skinnery – slink hands/feet,
dream ink –
Egozy –
style by kira-
tuty – lolas,
Fashionably Dead –
Utopiah –
Rosymood –
Ruby Skins – lolas, slink hand/feet
Dead Apples – slink hands/feet, lolas,
MyUglyDorothy – slink hands/feet
Knight –
Precious –
Fake – slink hands/feet
Morphine – slink hands/feet, lolas, lush,
Nuuna – slink
PixyStix – lolas,, skiing (brazilia), u.L ghetto booty,, loud mouth, slink hands/feet, baby bump
Clemmm –
Tokyo Girl –, lolas
Nar Mattaru –, lolas, slink hands/feet
La Malvada Mujer –
Lara Hurley –, slink
Madrid Solo –
Loud Mouth – Loud Mouth (Obviously!)

Sim 3
ND/MD – (They are doing their own full body mesh), lolas
Atomic – slink hands/feet,, lolas
Blush – slink hands/ feet
Essences – loud mouth, lolas, slink hands/feet
Izzie’s – slink hands/feet, SLink Visage
Divalicious Designs – lolas,
DeeTalez – SLink Visage, The Mesh Project, loud mouth, slink hands/feet, baby bump, lolas,
Adam and Eve – SLink Visage, slink hands/feet
Swallow –, slink hands/feet, lolas, JD my feet
The Sugar Garden – loud mouth
Elysium – slink hands/feet
Okkbye – slink hands/feet,, lolas
Soiree –
Ab Fab –
Nox –
Boobielicious – slink hands/feet, baby bump,, skiing brazilia, ghetto booty, lolas
Esode –
nTM –
New Faces –
Adore&Adhore –
Rockberry –
Envyme – SLink Visage, slink hands/feet, lolas,
The Plastik –, slink hands/feet, lolas
Shine – lolas, lush,, The Mesh Project
Labyrinth –
Shakeup! –
DyVersatile – lolas, slink hands/feet,
KoKoLoreS –
Rozena –
A*S – SLink Visage, slink hands/feet, lolas,, baby bump, loud mouth
Back Pearl – lolas,
Buzzeri –
Curious Kitties –
RyuuKou – lolas,, slink hands/feet
Deesses Skins – slink hands/feet
orage creations – slink, lush,, skiing brazilia, lolas
Moda – The Mesh Project (also offers hairbases for the head),, skiing, ghetto booty, slink hands/feet
Filthy –, slink hands/feet, lolas
Zanzo –
Silken Moon –
The Mesh Project – The Mesh Project

More might pop up but for now… get ready!
Liliana Aluveaux


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