Vive 9 Fiore – The Mesh Project Applier

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
I happen to have the best news for you. Fiore released an applier for The Mesh Project heads. Sad that her own mesh head wasn’t able to be released. However, she did give us skin lovers something to salivate over!


How does this work with the Style Hud? First you buy the Mocha skin (at the skin fair) in your choice of skin colors. Then, you buy the installer (also at the skin fair). Chose the installer and wear it. It prompts you to click the hud to load the skin. This is what you see after.


Now where in the style hud do you find it?
Click where the arrow is pointing to and then the applier options are what I circled.

Also something important to know. It IS possible to add parts from The Shops. You just click the part and put it on. This is an advanced step since it involves trying to color match The Shops products to the Fiore skin. Anyway, here is my attempt.


The lips are actually from the Bianca skin. The eyebrows are the Soft brows in brunette. This is a trick I found works, considering that the Fiore Mocha applier only comes in black brows. If you wear the soft brows from The Shops, you get a whole range of eyebrow color options! By the way, the lips and eyebrows are in the 09 skintone. They appear to work well with SPF 20.

So what have we learned? There is a way to customize the mesh head to make it look completely your own. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces to see what works!

Liliana Aluveaux



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