Which is your style? – Mesh Heads

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
I am just obsessed with mesh heads. I love the resolution of the heads but also the shapes that can be created with them. I love how you can look insanely different by just putting on a different head.

I always feel so blessed when I can get a new head. That means the countless hours that these designers have spent on these creations are now done and the waiting is over!

I finally have a nice assortment of mesh heads to chose from. Each head is a very different look and all are shown in their natural skins. No appliers have been used.

The Mesh Project – Classic
Vive9 Fiore – Natasha
Logo – Chloe
SLink – Emma
Body Gossip – Milena

The Mesh Project – You can handpick everything you want at the face. To do so… you visit the shops and buy every piece you want on your face.

Vive9 (Fiore) – You buy your skin tone and everything is included. You can even change the shape of the lips and the nose (by textures not the actual mesh)

Logo – Pick your skin tone and the basic hud is included. (Basic make up, eyebrow colors, nose shapes)

SLink – You pick which head you want to buy. Inside it comes with three skin tones. Cannot customize face shape/features. Can change face through appliers from other designers

Body Gossip – Pick your skin tone. Then, you can change the eye shape, nose, face shaders, lips. Make up you must buy separately.

It really all depends on what face you like the best. All the heads photograph real well. Each can be customized (if you get creative) in a way that makes it completely your own.

Liliana Aluveaux


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