If I Die Young

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
So I came across Strawberry Singh’s blog today and she had her death meme up. Here is mine.

Do you ever think about dying? I do. I think about how I’d prefer to die and where I think I’d go.
How do you expect you’ll die? Hopefully peacefully in my sleep.
Do you believe in an afterlife? If so, how do you visualize it? I go back and forth on this. I do believe there is some place souls go after they die but after that I am conflicted.
What is your preferred form of apocalypse and why? Uhm… none? But if I had to choose I’d say the utopian route.
How many times have you cheated death so far? Once. I had food poisoning so bad I almost died.
Which fictional villain would you be okay being killed by? Damon from Vampire Diaies
If you’re murdered, do you stay and haunt the culprits forever or do you give up that opportunity to leave and go to heaven/hell/Cancun? I’d do all those. Preferably haunt my murderers until I receive justice then go to heaven/hell/wherever.
Will you have done everything you have wanted by the time you die? There is always so much to do.

If I Die Young

Doing this meme made me think of how Liliana would die. I always figured she’d die young. That made me think of The Band Perry song called If I Die Young. So there is my bed of roses and I am dressed in satin.

sink me in the river

If I die young,
bury me in satin.
Lay me down on a,
bed of roses.
Sink me in the river,
at dawn.
Send me away with the words of a love song.



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