Happy 7th Rez Day!

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
7 years today I first joined Second Life. I had no idea about all the adventures I’d have and people I’d meet. My life is drastically different from 7 years ago. Second Life is drastically different.

When I first started, flexi prims were a newer thing. My first dress was this blue dress with flexi prims that didn’t fit nearly well. After flexi prims came scupties. Scupties were beautiful, however, very stiff. There was no way to make the fabric look fluid. In the end, designers ended up doing a mix of flexi and scupty. After that came rigged mesh. Rigged mesh was a life saver! So revolutionary… it led to mesh clothing and body parts to be created. My favorite thing to come out of the mesh revolution was slink hands and feet. They were just miles above what the base feet and hands looked like. Now finally, we have fitted mesh. We have the mesh that came out able to now fit to your avatar’s current shape. Amazing considering we went from blocks to this!

Back in 2007
Now in 2014

What a difference 7 years makes, huh?

Liliana Aluveaux


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