Mesh Heads 2016

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!

So I was hanging out in the Skin Addiction group the other day and they were talking about mesh heads… what everyone had and how many heads they owned. The highest I saw was 11. Well I surpassed that number the other day at 14 by picking up the new Catwa Sarah head. I really like it a lot but then again I like all the heads I ever pick up. Speaking of which, here is a chart of all the heads I have. Some of the heads have appliers on them and some don’t.

Mesh Heads - April 2016

For various reasons, I love all the heads. It just goes to prove that people can look so different in Second Life. Not to mention appliers change the look of the face drastically. I don’t even have all the heads out there so there are even more heads to change your look. While I haven’t found a head that will take the place of my system face yet, I will keep enjoying these heads while I wait. There are pieces/features of all the heads that I’d love to mash into one head to be my perfect face.

How do you feel about mesh heads? Have you found one that fits your the most?

Liliana Aluveaux


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