Bikini Ready

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!

So it has finally been getting hot where I am and I am not ready for summer. Where I am it is said that this year is gonna be the hottest summer it has been in awhile… La Nina will mess with this summer.

Anyway with it being hot, I’ve been thinking about bikinis and how much I like them. This year, there are so many more mesh bikinis for the mesh bodies. Events like Uber and FaMESHed are filled with them. My favorite so far is the Roe Bikini from Vinyl at Uber.

Things that start with B

I bought the fatpack and I just love the options. So many different colors and designs.

Liliana Aluveaux

Mesh Heads 2016

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!

So I was hanging out in the Skin Addiction group the other day and they were talking about mesh heads… what everyone had and how many heads they owned. The highest I saw was 11. Well I surpassed that number the other day at 14 by picking up the new Catwa Sarah head. I really like it a lot but then again I like all the heads I ever pick up. Speaking of which, here is a chart of all the heads I have. Some of the heads have appliers on them and some don’t.

Mesh Heads - April 2016

For various reasons, I love all the heads. It just goes to prove that people can look so different in Second Life. Not to mention appliers change the look of the face drastically. I don’t even have all the heads out there so there are even more heads to change your look. While I haven’t found a head that will take the place of my system face yet, I will keep enjoying these heads while I wait. There are pieces/features of all the heads that I’d love to mash into one head to be my perfect face.

How do you feel about mesh heads? Have you found one that fits your the most?

Liliana Aluveaux

Happy Easter! Bloggiversary!

Greetings Fellow SL lovers!

On the 22nd, I celebrated my 5th year blogging! I just cannot believe I’ve blogged for 5 years. Blogging has been such a fun and exciting experience and I cannot wait to blog more in the years to come!


On Sunday, I celebrated Easter with family. I dressed in nice casual and helped my niece and nephew find eggs. In Second Life, I dressed way more formal.


Hair: Elikatira – Brielle (Essentials Pack I wore the dark brown one)
Cardigan: The Secret Store – Leonie Cardigan in Coal
Dress: The Secret Store – Annabelle Dress in chalk
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Jardin Secret de Fleurs in long
Bracelet: Nature’s Maiden Bracelet in Silver
Shoes: Atomic Footwear – Sweetpea Ankle Boots in Black

Firestorm 4.7.7: get ready to update!

Bring on the new changes!

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

firestorm-logoThursday, March 17th saw Firestorm release version of their viewer. Coming four months after the last release, this update is slightly later than planned, but includes a number of important updates from the Lab as well as a good mix of updates, improvements and fixes directly from the Firestorm team and contributors.

As per my usual MO, what follows is an overview of the release, highlighting some of the more significant / interesting changes, updates and  fixes to be found in the release, and which I feel will be of most interest to users.

For full details of all changes, and all due credits to contributors, etc., please refer to the official release notes.

The Usual Before We Begin Notes

For best results when installing this release:

Details of…

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!

Today is St. Patrick’s Day! In the United States (at least) this holiday is about drinking green drinks and corned beef and cabbage. Some people bake their corned beef and cabbage but I find the best flavor actually comes from boiling in a nesco. How are you spending today?


In Second Life, I treated myself to some 75L Elikatira hair (having a moving sale!) and this beautiful green dress from Just Because.

I just have to show you my Lelutka Simone head. Look how there is absolutely no line or weird shadows from my maitreya body to my Simone head!


I get it now. Why so many people are obsessed with mesh heads. Taking pictures become so easy!

Liliana Aluveaux

Whats in a face?

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!

Skin Fair 2016 started up on the 11th! While my all time favorite skin designer Nar Mattaru didn’t attend, I did get to explore a bunch of skins currently out on the grid.

I came across ItGirls a long time ago (back when SLink’s heads came out) and liked the skins there. However, I just could not find a skin that matched me. Same goes for mesh heads. As you all know, I’ve bought and worn various mesh heads before. Heck, last year I even compared the mesh heads available. However, I came across the ItGirls applier for Lelutka’s Simone head and had to try it. I fell in love!

lelutka Simone head with itgirls skin fair 2016 applier

Here is my system face.


I love my system face so much. But I also love how smooth the lines are on a mesh head. I think I am gonna go back and forth between my Simone head and my system one. Maybe someday Nar Mattaru will come out with a Simone applier. Most importantly, I like how ItGirls’ applier makes the lips thinner. I hope Nar Mattaru doesn’t go the big lip route!

Liliana Aluveaux

Didn’t have to wait long: Project Bento!

We know how much work, value, personalization and emotional investment goes into a Second Life avatar, so we have always been careful when considering avatar changes. While we want to make improvements, we also want to maximize backward compatibility. Get ready for the biggest thing that’s happened …

Source: Introducing Project Bento – New Bones Added to Second Life Avatar Skeleton

It was brought to my attention by commenter DJ Frenzy that good things are on the horizon for bones and rigging. It looks like Project Bento may give me my wish of a head I can customize! Not only that… but one you can add tails, extra arms/legs, wings to their own limb bones! I hope designers are signing up to test Project Bento!