8 years and a month (or 2959 days)

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!

So I missed my rez day back on December 2nd. I cannot even believe I could miss such an important day. I guess I’ve been way too busy. Anyway, I unearthed a picture that I thought I lost today. I was cleaning up my blog and I found it! I had done a collage of myself every year up to a certain point. So… I saved the picture and added 4 more years of pictures! Here it is!

rez days 2007 - present

Second Life has changed so much in 8 years and I am so excited to see where it goes from here!

Liliana Aluveaux


Fun with corsets

Greetings Fellow Sl Lovers!
So… we are getting closer to the New Year! I know I am excited. 2011 was a meh year for me so I am looking forward to a year with an even number. I always have a better year that way. Anyway, I found out through the grave vine about this hot little number from MonCheri. I introduce to you… Dahlia Noir in hot pink.

Lets be honest. The skin is Laq Linnea since Pink Fuel did not come out with Alyx yet. Hair is Laq too and thats all she wrote.


Did I forget to mention?

Greetings fellow Sl Lovers!
Did I forget to mention that Liliana Aluveaux turned 4 years old December 2nd? Well, I did and aren’t I excited! I cannot believe I nearly forgot such a monumental thing? Like all, I wondered what I looked like in the past. Since I do not mind embarrassing myself, here is my look from year to year.

After noob skins, I started to wear Laqroki (way before their glow line). Then Redgrave and then Laqroki again with their glow line. You could say I’ve always been faithful to one skin maker at a time.

What is next for Liliana Aluveaux? Well… that depends on the fashion designers of SL. But I imagine the future will include lots of mesh.


Inventory Challenge

Greetings Fellow Sl Lovers!
Today I have a challenge for you. Cut your inventory size by half. This whole idea came to pass when I became intensely annoyed at my performance in SL. I crash, do not load entirely, and lag like there is no tomorrow. I am finally fed up with it! I do not have a horrible computer either. So… I went scouring the web for a solution. That is when I saw somewhere about getting rid of a bunch of inventory items. After a panic, I decided to take on this challenge. I started with 67, 892 items in my inventory. The first thing to go? Trash. Down to 57, 473. Next… all demos I never deleted. At 53,932. Lost and found… 53,573.

33,947 will put me at half. 51,971 is what I have now. Tomorrow I shall continue the massive clean out. Wish me luck.

My big return!

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
That greatest news in fashion! The makers of the Phoenix Viewer finally came out with their new Firestorm Release! This release is mesh enabled and also… it hardly crashes! I love it so much that I went nuts buying mesh. Needless to say, I look sharp in Lelutka’s new mesh clothing!

Look how much of a fashionista I am!

Skin – Laq Linnea Fair
Hair – Lelutka Lush Overcooked
Cardigan – [celoe.lyn.cardigan.coffee]
Turtleneck – [celoe.gea.top.zorba]
Trousers – [celoe.lolong.trousers.makara]
Heels – N-core COQUETTE “Fatpack 24 Colors” BOXED (Worn brown)

Happy mesh shopping!


Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
Yes, tis I. Liliana your absent blogger! Too many months have gone by. My RL had gotten so busy that I was rarely online say nothing of being able to blog. But thankfully, the cluster of busy has faded a bit and I got a great chance to get blogging again. I stopped the Decades of Fashion posts, which, I will be picking up again. I should be resuming (and concluding) that series starting mid week sometime. So, be keeping an eye out for it. As for other projects, I have a few lined up as well as some location posts on where I am rping these days.
Also, pending the makers of Firestorm with a new viewer release, I’ll be able to start delving into the new and exciting world of mesh. So far the test viewers have lagged me to death so here is crossing my fingers that the official release will be stable.
So be keeping an eye out all week for new posts and general fun updating!
Happy fashion!

Tuesday is the 1950s

Greetings fellow sl lovers!
Bring on the 50s! The era after the war and before the explosion which was the 60s and 70s.

Hair (modded version):MrS – Romantic – Vintage hairstyle ’40s – mahogany (M)
Hat (severely modded version):
Dress:Ivalde Cosette Brown
Shoes:Plausible Body – Classic Pumps :: Monochrome Sculpted Heels
Accessories:Lazuri Classic Pearl Set – Color Change

Happy fashion!