8 years and a month (or 2959 days)

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!

So I missed my rez day back on December 2nd. I cannot even believe I could miss such an important day. I guess I’ve been way too busy. Anyway, I unearthed a picture that I thought I lost today. I was cleaning up my blog and I found it! I had done a collage of myself every year up to a certain point. So… I saved the picture and added 4 more years of pictures! Here it is!

rez days 2007 - present

Second Life has changed so much in 8 years and I am so excited to see where it goes from here!

Liliana Aluveaux


Five Loves

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!

       Welcome to later. Today has been such a busy and fun day. In honor of my five wonderful years in SL I bought five new items to update myself.


New Skin from Belleza – Shyla in pale

Shirt and skirt from coldlogic

Hair from Alice Project – Hyori

Eyes from Mayfly

Boots from Gos


5th Rez Day

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
So, I haven’t written in a while. Well, I’ve been going through the ringer trying to get a computer that actually worked with Second Life. FINALLY, I am successful. Thank goodness. After all, 5 years today, I was trying to figure out what name I was gonna use with which last name. When I finally settled on Liliana Aluveaux, I signed in for the very first time. It deposited me on an orientation island with about 80 of my closest friends. All looking like the noobs we were. I didn’t understand how it worked, how to look good, or how to do anything in the lag. So… I signed out and forgot about it for a few days, turned off by the lag. It wasn’t until the next weekend when I sat down and forced myself to use it. The rest as they say… is history.
I’ve found so much by coming here. Two RL relationships, awesome places, earned a few bucks along the way, and done some of the most epic rp I’ve ever done. Before SL I had been a Yahoo User room rper. So, not only did I have to create great rp but I also had to be able to dress myself accordingly and be able to move myself when I had to. I was a para rper before and it took a good year before I was able to post that much.

I found many different rp places in my years and these are what I’d rped:
– Gor (Saphronicus/Treve)
– Urban Noir (Toxian City)
– Fantasy (Mystara)
– Urban (Perdition/City of Perdition:Lexington Heights)
So… whats been my favorite? Actually, the plain old urban. A lot freer with what you can do.

In my next post, I’ll cover how I treated myself five ways for my five years. Stay turned today!

Happy Logging In!
Liliana Aluveaux

Haut Girl

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!

     Lets be honest. I love me some Haut Monde. Everywhere you go you at least see SOMEONE wearing a dress, shoes, or something else from this store. Now, I had been holding back. I always loved the clothes but I never seemed to have the cash for it. Thankfully, I came into some funds and was able to show you what awesomeness looks like.


Shirt and pants are from Haut Monde. Feet are the new mesh ones from SLink. I love em! Hair is Alice Project.



New month New Skin

Ok so… I actually changed my skin. I’ve always loved the texturing in the face for LAQ skins but I always hated the stomach. It just never quite looked alright for my shape. Anyway, I finally broke down and bought a Belleza skin. Chloe to be exact. I know Belleza has been taunting us all with a new skin (Whore Couture fair), but, I just liked the look of this one best. Instead of being more yellowy like LAQ Skins, Belleza is more reddish. It took some getting used to but now I love my skin. Yeah its really light but I like my avatar to be lighter. So… here it is!

I also love how I shaped the face and the structure of the eyes, lips, and eyebrows on my new skin. You like?

Who is that masked woman!?

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!


Who is this masked woman? Is she good or evil? Well until you unmask her, you’ll never know….


Illusions for the mask, Alice Project for the hair, Belleza for the skin, Eyes by ‘By Snow’, outfit by Secret Passion, shoes by Bax, eye shadow and lashes by Exodi, lips by Pink Fuel


Fashion for life!

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!

     Fashion for Life! Shop for a good cause! When you get there, the sim is divided by Past, Present, Future, and Timeless. So many places have mesh! Timeless has mesh so far I see. Shop til you drop for such a good cause! Pictures to follow. At FFL I found out about Exile releasing mesh hair! Go now!