Tuesday is the 1950s

Greetings fellow sl lovers!
Bring on the 50s! The era after the war and before the explosion which was the 60s and 70s.

Hair (modded version):MrS – Romantic – Vintage hairstyle ’40s – mahogany (M)
Hat (severely modded version):
Dress:Ivalde Cosette Brown
Shoes:Plausible Body – Classic Pumps :: Monochrome Sculpted Heels
Accessories:Lazuri Classic Pearl Set – Color Change

Happy fashion!


Monday is 1940s

Greetings fellow sl lovers!
The 1940s. What does that era generally bring to mind? Well for me I think of World War II and propaganda. The Allies and the Axis both had it.

Skin: Laqroki Linnea Fair 06
Hair: Ingenue Lamour Mahogany
Dress: Ivalde Brianna Brown
Shoes: Bettie’s Vintage Flapper Shoe Black

Straighten up and fly right!

Sunday is the 1930s

Greetings fellow sl lovers!
I just love the fashion of the 30’s. Especially the evening gowns. How beautiful is the idea of a silk dress?

Skin:LAQ ~ Linnea [Fair] Dark brows – 10
Hair:MrS – Romantic – Vintage hairstyle ’40s – mahogany (M) (Yeah I know it says 40s but its wrong)
Dress:*ICING* Jezebel

Happy fashion!

Saturday is for the 1920s

Greetings fellow sl lovers!
I have just been having such a blast with researching the fashions of the twenties. What was big in the 20s? Flappers and mobsters. The most famous being the italian mob. What do you think of when dealing with the mob? I think of machine guns and the Valentine’s Day Massacre. Singing in the rain was popular!

Hair:MrS Valentina Bob hair – dark brown 1 (medium)
Skin:Laqroki Linnea Fair Dark Brows 07
Dress and headband:Goddess Apparel Marika Black
Necklace:Goddess Apparel Pearl Necklace with Knot
Shoes:The Bettie’s Vintage Flapper Shoe Black

Mmmyeah see? Mmmyeahhh… buggsy.


Friday is the start 1900s

Greetings fellow sl lovers!

I LOVE shopping. Seriously, I should be banned from any sort of shopping stores for I will just go in and buy like thirty things at a shot.

Anyway, in my shopping binge I stopped by Ivalde. Checking out the various rooms which covered the decades, I got thinking. Why not go through the decades in fashion? So here we go. Our first stop on the fashion ride is 1900 – 1919 (Edwardian). The fashion is so similar that I just lumped it into one. Forgive me any historians out there who do not feel that is the case.

close up of the hat anyone?

Dress:Ivalde Maud purple dress (From Edwardian Room)
Hat:(The hat was seriously modded) [EH] Derby Hat – Silver Screen (Ever Halostar)
Shoes:…Arena.Victorian bootie brown
Hair: Jerusha – Coffee Brown by Cornelia Rothschild

Happy shopping!