Getting Dressed with Me!

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!

So I’ve decided that I want to try and live my best life. Meaning, I want to try and do things I would have never done before. One of those things is making a youtube video for Second Life.

Since I wanted to get ready today, I created a getting ready with me video. It is kinda rough and I don’t know how to edit yet but here it is!

… and here is the picture I posted to flickr.

Getting Ready with Liliana

Liliana Aluveaux


Whats in a face?

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!

Skin Fair 2016 started up on the 11th! While my all time favorite skin designer Nar Mattaru didn’t attend, I did get to explore a bunch of skins currently out on the grid.

I came across ItGirls a long time ago (back when SLink’s heads came out) and liked the skins there. However, I just could not find a skin that matched me. Same goes for mesh heads. As you all know, I’ve bought and worn various mesh heads before. Heck, last year I even compared the mesh heads available. However, I came across the ItGirls applier for Lelutka’s Simone head and had to try it. I fell in love!

lelutka Simone head with itgirls skin fair 2016 applier

Here is my system face.


I love my system face so much. But I also love how smooth the lines are on a mesh head. I think I am gonna go back and forth between my Simone head and my system one. Maybe someday Nar Mattaru will come out with a Simone applier. Most importantly, I like how ItGirls’ applier makes the lips thinner. I hope Nar Mattaru doesn’t go the big lip route!

Liliana Aluveaux

Oh This Old Thing?

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
Like my dress?
This beaut is from Dead Dollz. Where did I get it? There is an event called 24 squared and there are a limited number of this dress left. There is also a white version of this dress that is really pretty.

By the way… I love my new face shape. I squared the jaw a bit and it just looks amazing with my Nar Mattaru skin!
Liliana Aluveaux