Second Life Made Me Learn!

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!

Wow the stars must be in alignment because I am blogging twice in a week! Oh no what has the world come to! Lol!

Anyway I am a bit late to the party but Strawberry Singh put up a challenge/meme.

So basically the meme/challenge is about what you’ve learned from being in Second Life professionally or personally. Lets get started!

What I've Learned

  1. WordPress – This has to be the very most important thing I’ve learned from my time in Second Life. Before coming to Second Life I had never blogged before. Now, I can blog like crazy.
  2. New cultures and Subgroups – With Second Life, you can get exposed to a lot or as little as you want. I joined Second Life wanting to know everything. I ended up learning about cultures I never would have dreamed about and types of lifestyles I never would have imagined.
  3. Modeling and Photography – Well this one I still learn more daily about still but I learned how difficult modeling actually is. Granted, you can pose yourself in a number of ways but sometimes the photo will not come out right unless taken from the right angle.
  4. Styling and Fashion – What I love about Second Life is in a way it has its own fashion path. Yes, a bunch is influenced by current real life fashion, but, some isn’t and it is lovely. I’ve always kinda been the basic clothing kinda girl and now I think I’ve learned a few tricks and tips about fashion.

What I've Learned

So what have you learned?

What the heck am I wearing? Well lets go top to bottom. (If I were standing haha) My hair is from Exile called American Woman. My eyes are from Ikon… promise eyes in feldgrau. My skin is from Nar Mattaru… the Zoe skin in 03 tone. Eyelashes are from Mon Cheri and called falsies. My body is from Maitreya, the lara body. My tank top is from Blueberry called Nicole. I am wearing it in purple. My leggings are an omega applier from ViVi. They are the Cecile stirrup leggings worn here in black. My boots are from JD (Just Designs), called Neva and worn in sand color. My shape is my own creation and a culmination of 7 plus years in Second Life.

Liliana Aluveaux