My obsession: get ready! Welcome to BOO!

Greetings Fellow Sl Lovers!
My absolute favorite time of the year is closing in. October! It is just cold enough to be nice out but not too cold that you freeze. Halloween is at the end of this month and I am so excited! I’ve always been excited for Halloween all year round. I absolutely love it! Needless to say, I had to decorate my place on my own land!

Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations

I love my decorations!

Also, get ready for B.O.O.! Blogging (all) of October that is. Everyday (or at least once a week) I will be showcasing a location/clothing item/skin-hair-eyes-etc/event in SL that is Halloween related! The BOO post might include one or a few of these things. So… stay tuned for great places to go and fun things to do and buy!

Liliana Aluveaux


Countdown to Halloween – 14 Days to Go!

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
I am very excited to feature this Halloween event.

The Cherry Hill Mines by Oceania Breedables!

The Cherry Hill Mines is a self guided hunt with a shopping area in the middle of town. There is so much to see and do. Oh my goodness… the jump scares are fantastic! Make sure you put on region windlight settings, de-script, sounds way up, and name tags off. I went during one of the Live Tour times and I was not disappointed. Everything just came alive and was too epic for words. I seriously recommend going during a live tour time and experiencing the scary!

Check for the live tour schedule!

I give Cherry Hill Mines a 5 jack-o-lanterns out of 5. This place is fantastic!

Liliana Aluveaux

Halloween Countdown: 15 Days to Go!

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
I missed you guys so much! I’ve been in too much pain with a bum shoulder to blog. Thankfully a cortisone shot has masked some pain for awhile so I am good to go!

Okay so first of all, I hope you guys are going to some of these places I am featuring. These places are epic and totally worth your time! Also if there is ever a great place you know of that you want me to cover, chat me up inworld (Liliana Aluveaux) or even put the location/Halloween related thing in the description.

Without further ado, on to today’s location! This location is called BioBreeds Halloween.

Now now before you knock it because it sounds created and run by a store, don’t knock it. Yes there is a store in the location where you can buy the breeds. But it is not the entire location. Actually, it is a very small piece of it. The main part of the location is a spooky forest where you can find places like a mansion, temple, tower, etc. I wasn’t sure how awesome this was going to be until I stopped by. I like it!

and into the forest


Don’t forget to check out the mansion!


I give BioBreeds Halloween a 4 1/2 Jack-o-Lanterns out of 5. There is a lot to see and you’ll spend a nice amount of time exploring. The only thing I would have liked more would have been some jump scares in the woods.

What am I wearing?
Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley in Vanilla
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes in November Sunrise
Hair: A&A – Jenica Hair 4
Makeup: Pink Fuel Harley Cosmetics – Sultry Red Lipstick and Shimmer Eyeshadow in Winged
Eyelashes: MonCheri – Falsies (On the hud I wear style 2. For this picture I wore natural black.)
Tophat, collar, and dress: The Annex – Steampunk Gown in Red Damask (From this round of Genre)
Lace gloves: Adam and Eve – (This is a lace glove applier which you can only wear over SLink hands. I also am wearing the lace glove nails.)

Liliana Aluveaux

Countdown to Halloween: 19 Days part 2

Welcome back, SL Lovers!
So we are back at Nance Clowes 7th Annual Haunted Sim & Mansion. We already explored the Bannons Vanisher ride and the Haunted Mansion Tribute ride. Next, we head to the Lucien Asylum.

Lucien Asylum –
Lucien Asylum
Welcome to a whole new bucket of crazy. I am very excited about this and I know you will be too. Ok. You want to go insane? You want to have a great time? Come to the Asylum. Click everything and explore it all. 5 Jack-o-lanterns out of 5.

Now for a personal favorite. Zombies!!!

Zombie Hunt – Okay. If you have ever been to a zombie killing area in Second Life you know that you have to get yourself prepared. You have to be so ready and must get your bravery. You are going up against the hordes of the undead who will want your brains. My strategy? Be undead lol. Zombie hunt
It’s time.
Grab the hud and weapon from the entrance. There is a spot for you to rez everything and get yourself all set up. Take off your ao for this. Who needs to walk pretty while killing things?
Now walk through the gates and get those zombies! *Less then 30 seconds later* Oh no… I died. Haha! I had a hard time but it was great!

Nance Clowes 7th Annual Haunted Sim & Mansion gets a 5 jack-o-lanterns out of 5. I was so impressed by this place and I know you will be too!

What the heck am I wearing:
Hair: Exile – Wild at Heart
Skin Tinter: from Cameo Gloom (I picked my own tinting color)
Zombie Tattoos: Eternal Darkness – Noseless Chewed nose, Zombie Attack gorey
Shirt: Necrotica – Ripped Tee in bloody
Skirt: Suicidal Unborn – Tutu Skirt in dirty green
Stockings: Rotten Toe – Moth Stockings in grey
Boots – DirtyLand – Rock Boots

Liliana Aluveaux

Countdown to Hallowen: 19 Days to Go!

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
You know what is a staple of Halloween? ZOMBIES!!! There are so many awesome movies out there scary and funny that you can watch. In Second Life and especially at most of the Halloween Attractions, you can be the star of your own zombie movie. Also a standard warning, this will be a long review of the location.

Where else can you fight zombies? Nance Clowes 7th Annual Haunted Sim & Mansion.
Nance, the creator, describes her sim as

7th Annual FULL SIM of haunting- rides, asylum, zombie fighting, spend a hour

I describe it as epic. Not one, not three, but 4 different attractions on sim to explore. There is the Bannons Vanisher, Lucien Asylum, Zombie Hunt, and the Haunted Mansion tribute ride. I am gonna split each section up and rate it. Then, I will rate the entire sim.

Bannons Vanisher – Snapshot
You chose the black wall with a door and head into the before ride area. I like purple so I really enjoyed this area. You rez a ride vehicle, sit, and you are moved into the ride. Also something to know… take off your ao for this ride and change your windlight settings to midnight for the duration of the ride.
Bannons Vanisher
The ride is very well done and you shall not be disappointed. I won’t give away the ending but you will enjoy it! I give this ride a 5 jack-o-lanterns out of 5. It is spooky and keeps you engaged.

The Haunted Mansion Tribute Ride – Haunted Mansion Tribute Ride
Now even though I haven’t seen the movie, I have been to the ride in Disney World. So… I am very excited to see how they made this. *Some time later after finishing the ride* Ok that was awesome! This is a very easy 5 jack-o-lanterns out of 5. Go see this ride.Haunted Mansion Tribute Ride

This place is so big and I am only half way done. Stay tuned for part 2!

Countdown to Halloween: 21 Days to Go!

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!
I am back! I am so excited to blog about this next Halloween attraction. I went to Final Refuge (Oh and FYI this is gonna be kinda a long post.)

Final Refuge is described as

A dark gothic “adult themed” haunt. There are a lot of surprises and freebies here and some of them are hidden, so explore and touch objects often. Enjoy anything you find here.

I describe it as fun/spooky/sexy.

First off, at first look it is a graveyard and mansion set up, though without being jammed with decorations. I personally don’t like it as much when a location is stuffed with more decorations than a Halloween store unless it is purposely not trying to go the scary route. Anyway, the outside has a very cool rain and lightening weather system. The lightening took me by surprise in a good way. Very cool.

Now I won’t tell you much about the inside because I don’t want to ruin it for you. I will tell you about the funny trap I got caught in. So when you walk in there is this big silver plate propped on the wall. You can click it and I so did. When I did, this happened.
[09:51] Liliana bends over as they examine the silver plate, inspecting its shining, lustrous surface. Unfortunately for them, they leaned too far, and, losing their balance, Liliana tumbles over onto the metallic structure. Upon contact, their body undergoes a drastic transformation. What was once flesh and blood becomes crumbly baked dough, dotted with chocolate chips and other sweets, as their form swells and puffs out into a circular shape, filling the bottom of the dish.
cookie demise
It was unexpected and I really enjoyed that!

Make sure you click everything and don’t leave until you’ve explored it all. I enjoyed myself here and I know you will too!

I am gonna give Final Refuge a 3 1/2 jack-o-lanterns out of 5. The location is a well made prim mansion with some nice decorations and a small hunt. Even though it is a smaller standard attraction, it is definitely a location to put on your list of Halloween sights to see.

Liliana Aluveaux

Countdown to Halloween: 22 Days to Go!

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!

I just love Halloween. The spookiness and the fact that you can dress up like anyone on that day. I know Halloween is one day, but it should be celebrated all month long. There are so many awesome things that happen in Second Life this month and I am gonna show you some. I’ll be posting something/somewhere Halloween related everyday until Halloween. I don’t usually do locations in my blog but Halloween deserves a try!

Today, I visited the Haunted Ahtarrath.
The creators describe it as:

Symbolic rituals from unsuspecting conjurers have gone wrong, giving energy to all kinds of creatures that go bump in the night. They prey on any who would dare enter their domain. Come have fun exploring the chills and thrills in this haunted attraction.

I wasn’t sure exactly what I was in for before I teleported but I soon found myself in a graveyard being harassed by zombies! I made sure to run up the stairs only to find myself in a above ground cemetery like that you find in Europe and New Orleans.


Make sure you check out the entire area. There are things to click and very cool places to see. I just loved how the pictures came out!

I am gonna give Haunted Ahtarrath a 4 1/2 Jack-0-Lanterns out of 5. At first I was gonna give it 4 because I wish it was bigger. Then I realized if it were bigger maybe you wouldn’t appreciate the detail as much.

If you are looking for a great picture taking location with zombie fighting and spookiness, the Haunted Ahtarrath is the place for you. Make sure you visit this awesome place!

What I am Wearing:
Hair: Boon – YNO421
Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley in Vanilla
Make up: Pink Fuel – Harley Cosmetics Shimmer Eyeshadow in Bandit + Wing
Eyelashes: Mon Cheri – Falsies Pack 1
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – Angelica’s Ankh of Power (October 2013’s round of Collabor88)
Dress: Ison – Amelia Lace Gown in Black (October 2013’s round of Collabor88)
Shoes: Ison – Lace-up Gladiator Sandals – in black (October 2013’s round of Collabor88)
and don’t forget SLink mesh hands and feet

See you tomorrow for another location!
Liliana Aluveaux